June 4, 2023

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Precious Mayes: Bringing an Innovative Approach to Healthcare Arena

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Anything is possible if one has got enough nerves. Such is the thought process of...

Anything is possible if one has got enough nerves. Such is the thought process of exceptional business leaders. Exceptional business leaders trust their abilities and believe that anything can be made possible if they utilize their efforts to the best of their capabilities. They are not driven by mediocrity. Instead, they are driven by delivering results and achieving something substantial no matter what the odds are. Such leaders make a tangible difference in the communities with their will-power and with their complete faith in their abilities. They overcome greatest challenges with their abilities. They explore the impossible and believe that anything is possible with one’s diligent efforts.

One such exceptional business leader is Precious Mayes. She is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Pacifica Hospital of the Valley (PHV). Pacifica Hospital provides fast, effective, and affordable immediate care for life and non-life-threatening illnesses.

Elevating Personalized Healthcare Services

As a healthcare leader and entrepreneur, the journey of Precious has been very diverse and robust with opportunities and experiences in a variety of industries. Precious brings her experience and business acumen of elevating world-class medical care including the medical staff team to higher levels of personalized healthcare that guarantee a standalone standard of care for all residents in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County.

Since the start of her career, Precious has always explored the impossible and with the philosophy of “anything is possible”. She states that another key internal driver is passion and with that personal passion to color outside the lines. Her personal mantra has led her naturally to a path of ongoing creativity and development of business opportunities. She states, “Cultivating a team of people who can lead with the same mantra is key to any success and business growth.

Delivering Exceptional Medical Care

Pacifica Hospital serves the underserved community in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles county. It holds the privilege of being one of LA’s first choice hospitals. As Sun Valley’s choice medical center, Pacifica is a vital component of the community that is leading the next generation of health care. It combines exceptional medical care, the latest advances, and novel education to create an innovative approach to healthcare. The hospital is made up of more than 100 physicians who are highly trained specialists focused on providing state-of-the-art medical care. From diagnosis to treatment and follow-up, physicians work in tandem to deliver care that is personalized to each patient.

Given that its primary funding is Medi-Cal, that does not limit the quality and level of service lines it provides to its patients. Pacifica Hospital’s goal is to provide the “mayo clinic” type of care to the underserved community. Additionally, its staff has been a part of Pacifica Hospital on average more than 10 years which has cultivated a personal VIP touch to caring for its patients.

Dealing with Unprecedented Time in Unprecedented Way

At the start of the pandemic in January 2020, Precious immediately prepared for what potentially could worsen. As a result, PPE inventory was ordered to prepare for a potential surge of COVID-19 patients so Pacifica Hospital staff would be protected in providing care and infection control policies were implemented. Sustaining operations during a time of increased expenses related to COVID-19 and decreased patient admissions of traditional medical needs, Precious accelerated developing new contractual relationships with physician/insurance groups who gave access to larger population of members. Additionally, another strategy implemented was developing new service lines. For example, in the middle of the pandemic over the last year, a new program was developed to serve the acute care needs for Medical/Behavioral health issues as well as COVID-19. This program opened in January 2021 after two years of development with the Department of Mental Health.

Another strategy that continues to be effective during challenging times, is developing and maintaining relationships with the highest level of state/federal legislation and local officials to voice the needs of healthcare providers and constituents as well as asking for their support in time of need. One of key elements of Precious is to never be afraid to ask for help.

During the pandemic, Precious quickly responded to the governor’s call to action to hospital providers in expanding bed availability to care for surges in COVID-19 patients. Pacifica Hospital was able to transition 61 beds to COVID-19 ICU, telemetry, and acute care units.

As a result, Pacifica Hospital was identified by the state as a Regional COVID-19 Surge Site to help decompress other hospitals in southern CA. Pacifica Hospital also opened a vaccine clinic and vaccinated over 2,000 in the community and continue to collaborate with the county to vaccinate homebound, homeless, and school based programs. During the pandemic PHV delivered lunch to nearby residents, especially the elderly population.

Managing Financials

Pacifica Hospital of the Valley is a safety net hospital. With that being said, it is constantly at the mercy of state funding. This hospital is situated in north San Fernando Valley and provides service to patients as far as 400+ miles away. The need in its immediate and distant communities is high, so it has been able to manage through its financial limitations by diversifying the type of IPA, Managed Care organizations. With the pandemic experience since February of this year, Precious decided to pivot Pacifica Hospital’s available beds that were in the midst of re-licensing to new service lines to transitioning these available beds/units to care for acute and subacute level COVID-19 patients.

Upholding the Team with Essential Leadership Skills

Through her experience of leading different levels of leadership teams, Precious has found common thread of elements that are essential to uphold within the team. For example, providing the tools necessary on an individual and as a team. These tools can range from leadership development training to systems to enable successful results.

Precious states that communication is another key element. Style and method of communication are essential to ensure team collaboration. Additionally, learning from pitfalls, owning mistakes and celebrating successes are important as a leader.

Standing One’s Ground and Upholding Values and Priorities

According to Precious, a businesswoman in this progressive time should naturally portray confidence, strength, integrity, and core values. Taking risks when making tough decisions in any situation, can also build upon any opportunity. Another vital trait for businesswomen is to not be fearful of standing their own ground while upholding their core values and priorities. This is especially important to have the confidence even if one is the last or only voice left in the room.

Being Flexible, Taking Risks and Envisioning Impossible

The healthcare industry continues to evolve and with increased reimbursement limitations, increased costs of care, new technology and growing competition. With that being said, Precious says that it is critical for aspiring business leaders who want to enter into the healthcare industry to be flexible, adaptable, take risks and envision the impossible as Precious believes, anything is possible.

Expanding the Scope of Services

Precious is very proud of Pacifica Hospital of the Valley, as she mentions it truly is a “diamond in the rough” in a significant underserved community. One of the goals of Precious for PHV is to expand its services and open new inner city community hospitals to provide the same level of “mayo” type care and services. Another growing need is specialized services for mental health and providing the continuum of care and support that population to succeed in the community. Precious believes that the leadership team is critical to obtaining this vision.

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