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Learn How To Save Money And Time When Tracking Your Trailers

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Fitting trailers with a  GPS tracker is one of the best decisions any fleet owner...

Fitting trailers with a  GPS tracker is one of the best decisions any fleet owner can make. The trackers take efficiency to a whole new level helping you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually. It also enhances the protection of your fleet and cargo.

How Tracking Trailers Saves Money And Time

1.   It Prevents Theft

GPS tracking solutions provide real-time locations of your trailers, making it easier to track theft issues and recover assets.

There are different types of tracking programs for trailers. Installing a system that provides the best visibility to your fleet will make it easier to prevent theft of trucks. This means you need to be extra keen on the features provided by each solution before investing your money in it.

One unique capability offered by the best tracking systems is Geofence. This amazing feature allows you to create a fence or parameter for your trailer. When the trailer leaves that parameter for whatever reason (theft or rogue drivers), the tracking system will send alerts to the manager right away with the vehicle’s exact location. This gives you ample time to respond and retrieve your trailer.

Geofence is a great feature, especially if you have a large fleet. Its functionality also shows how trailer trucking can help with truck leasing in the long run. You’ll always know whether the client is using your trailer as agreed, and if they aren’t, you’ll have the data to support your complaint.

2.   It Prevents Unauthorized Use Of Trailers

The unauthorized use of trailers can be costly in many ways. It affects the mileage of your trailer, consequently forcing you to spend money on fuel and maintenance expenses that did not generate any revenue.

A tracking system helps you avoid this. Not only can you pinpoint the location of the trailer, but you can also check the routes your driver is taking. This makes it easier to enforce discipline among your drivers and avoid unnecessary expenses.

3.   Makes It Easier To Locate Trailers In The Yard

The number of trucks on the road has been on the rise for the last few years. Yards are also getting bigger and bigger, with hundreds of resembling trailers. Locating your truck from these yards can be a nightmare.

Instead of spending hours looking for a white trailer with a certain registration number, a GPS tracker gives you the exact parking spot. In addition to saving time, this will boost the driver’s and your company’s productivity and overall efficiency.

4.   Eliminates Idling Time

It’s hard to enforce idling policies when you have no way of know when your trailers are idle. That’s why your company is probably bleeding thousands of dollars every year due to idling time.

A trailer tracking system is one of a few measures that can prevent this problem. It saves time and money by ensuring drivers are following the policies as directed to cap unnecessary fuel expenses.

1.   Makes It Easier To Create Maintenance Schedules

GPS trackers can be integrated with your trailer to send alerts whenever a maintenance schedule is due. This is so much easier than having to go through every truck’s odometer.

A few tracking systems can also keep an eye on the performance of your trailer. These systems will send alerts every time there is a serious issue with the truck. In essence, it allows you to resolve mechanical problems as soon as they happen to prevent bigger and more costly expenses.

How To Choose The Right The Right Trailer Tracking System

Alert Systems

Check how the system sends alerts and the type of alerts supported. The notifications can come in through texts or emails. Choose one that’s most convenient to you.

As for the types of alerts supported, try and buy a solution with more capabilities. This probably means spending more cash, but it’s usually worth it. Install a system that can send alerts on dangerous or unsafe driving, drivers going off-route, whether the trailer is in motion or off, power disconnects to notify you when the trailer is disconnected from the vehicle, etc.

Ease Of Use

There are different systems out there, some easier to use than others. The good thing is most of the top providers have demos that can help you determine whether the platform meets your needs or not.


You want a tracker that can survive the harsh weather conditions it’ll be exposed to throughout its life.

Customer Support

Good customer support is instrumental, especially in those moments when you’re witnessing suspicious activities. Buy your system from a provider with excellent customer support.

There’s absolutely no doubt that a truck tracking system is worth it. It saves time and money and increases the security of your asset. By using this asset, you can be more effective in managing your truck fleet and deliver results better than you expected.

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