February 3, 2023

DS Duke

Global Business In World

Business Woman, Chef, Mother, Life Partner

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Rarely can entrepreneurs make a company succeed by themselves. Many businesses are partnerships; their day to day operations are handled by more than one person. The death or incapacity of a key person in a business can have devastating consequences: Who will be in charge? Are the other partners in agreement with the deceased partner’s replacement? If there is no replacement, how will the business compensate the deceased partner’s family? Succession planning should be in place well in advance to avoid business plan future difficult situations. These situations must be handled with knowledge and experience to avoid costly litigation and the destruction of lifelong friendships. Through sponsorships based on the type of sport in various countries, Nike has established itself throughout the years as a popular global brand. In Latin America, where soccer is the top sport, their most paid sponsors are soccer players, whereas in America it is more likely to be basketball players getting those top sponsorships.

This model although simplistic works well if there is very little or no competition and there is plenty of demand for your services. But rarely is this the situation especially in a declining market. The model in most cases needs to be more robust. One needs to see the “bigger picture.” In order to support the Business Plan the Model needs to address the four main components of the business; Framework, Financial, Client, and the Offer. Most of these decisions taking regarding the above are the responsibility of the entrepreneur and perhaps one or two other key employees. This is good why human resources management competence is important for successful entrepreneurship and national development. As the firm grows, there will be need to hire new employees; entrepreneur must follow important procedures for interviewing, hiring, evaluating and preparing job description for new employees. Instituting an effective organizational culture is best implemented when an entrepreneur is competent in human resources management.