June 4, 2023

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TSX Hits Yet another New Record

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Investors found Thursday stock markets have room still to climb, in exploring all-time highs, powered...

Investors found Thursday stock markets have room still to climb, in exploring all-time highs, powered mostly by health-care and resource issues.

The S&P/TSX Composite jumped 120.05 points to greet Thursday’s closing bell at 21,581.98

The Canadian dollar plummeted 0.64 cents at 79.44 cents U.S.

Health stocks led the festivities, with Aurora Cannabis surging 64 cents, or 7.2{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, to $9.51, while Cronos Group took on 37 cents, or 5.4{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, to $7.18.

In gold stocks, Equinox Gold grabbed 59 cents, or 5.9{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, to $10.62, while Kinross Gold moved ahead 49 cents, or 6.1{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, to $8.55.

In materials, Capstone Mining gained 32 cents, or 6.4{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, to $5.31, while Ivanhoe Mines advanced 59 cents, or 6.1{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, to $10.21.

Utilities stubbed their toes, as Brookfield Infrastructure Partners handed back $1.79, or 2.4{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, to $74.14, while Algonquin Power & Utilities sank 21 cents, or 1.2{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, to $17.71.

In communications, Telus lost 32 cents, or 1.1{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, to $28.92, while Rogers stumbled 43 cents to $60.89.

In real-estate, Crombie REIT dipped 27 cents, or 1.4{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, to $18.48, while CAP REIT fell 90 cents, or 1.5{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, to $59.50.

Political leaders in Ontario have suspended a plan to lift restrictions on the number of people who can congregate in restaurants, bars and other settings, saying a cautious approach was needed with a rise in COVID-19 infections.

Today’s fresh COVID cases numbered more than 640 in the province.


The TSX Venture Exchange rebounded 25.84 points, or 2.6{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, to 1,008.36.

Eight of the 12 TSX subgroups remained higher throughout, with health-care haler by 3{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, while gold soared 2.7{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, and materials prospered 2.4{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}.

The four laggards were weighed most heavily by utilities, which fell 0.5{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, while real-estate and communications each lost 0.3{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}.


The NASDAQ Composite rebounded Thursday after hot inflation data and surging bond yields sparked a selloff in technology stocks in the previous session.

The Dow Jones Industrials collapsed 158.71 points, to conclude Thursday at 35,921.23, pulled down by Disney’s 7{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389} drop.

The S&P 500 eked higher 2.56 points to 4,649.27.

The tech-heavy index picked up 81.58 points to 15,704.28.

Some tech names rose Thursday after October’s consumer price index reading pushed up bond yields Wednesday. The spike in rates pressured growth pockets of the equity market.

Nvidia climbed 3.2{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}, and AMD added 4.4{1cd7dfeabecd92a256507009bf608c3bde4df96f09e82f3bc2c9d67cc3d41389}.

Disney shares fell after the media giant missed on the top and bottom lines of its quarterly results. Disney+ subscribers also came in short of estimates.

The bond market was closed Thursday for Veterans Day.

Oil prices fell 17 cents to $81.17 U.S. a barrel.

Gold prices added $16.60 to $1,864.90 U.S. an ounce.

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