March 8, 2021

Top 6 Cyber Sports Disciplines

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Gaming is a wonderful option to forget about your daily duties. What’s more, you can...

Gaming is a wonderful option to forget about your daily duties. What’s more, you can get money while playing with casino free spins or taking part in eSports tournaments. Here are disciplines which let professions win millions dollars. 

League of Legends

In 2020, the game by Riot Games remains the best eSports discipline in the world. Both in the number of views, the attention from developers, and the level of professionalism of teams and players.

All major LOL tournaments have been held, even despite coronavirus restrictions. Regional leagues were moved online almost everywhere without any problems. The World Championship was held in a bubble. All the teams that flew to Shanghai went through a strict quarantine, but could identify the strongest in a fair fight. And several thousand spectators were even admitted to the final.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike is the most famous shooter in eSports. It has been the cyber sport discipline in more than 10 different championships. A new era in the genre was Global Offensive from Valve. The development of the project was conducted in close cooperation with experienced players. So, it was initially positioned as a new discipline of eSports. At the moment CS:GO remains the main discipline in such eSports leagues and tournaments as the Electronic Sports League (ESL) and Intel Extreme Masters (IEM).

Dota 2

Dota 2 was originally a separate downloadable map for Warcraft 3, but today it is the most popular eSports game in the MOBA genre. Dota 2 debuted as a discipline at the World Cyber Games, which was once the biggest event in the world of eSports.

In 2011, the first Dota 2 championship called The International was held. There is a record-breaking $1,000,000 for the player, and that only for the first place. 


Hearthstone is a card game by Blizzard. The first tournament was held in 2014. The first champion is James Kostesich, who earned $100,000.

In this online game, you fight only one opponent. There are different modes in the game. Beginners get a starter set of cards that describe the characteristics of the characters. In the process, you can purchase rare cards or receive them as rewards. Using the cards requires a certain amount of energy. The player can perform alone in the competition, without a team.


Despite the coronavirus, the developers of the game please fans not only with cool updates and events. They don’t forget about cybersports in Fortnite either. In 2020, there were more than a hundred online tournaments, which raffled off more than $7,000,000. Of course, that’s only a tenth of 2019 numbers. But the number of viewers on Twitch suggests that Fortnite remains one of the most popular online games in the world, still having decent potential in cybersports.


Overwatch is a new MOBA shooter. The game has gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time, and there are many amateur matches. The game has various heroes with unique abilities. Even though the game is still very new, it is already conquering the tournament grounds, and in the future, world championships will be held.

Tasks remain unchanged. You need to destroy the base of the enemy. In the process, you pump up your skills and get new weapons. Hurricane battles and great graphics await you.

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