March 4, 2021

(Pdf) Entrepreneurial Leadership

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The business plan is a place to prove the credentials you or your chosen managers...

The business plan is a place to prove the credentials you or your chosen managers bring to the table. There is personal element in business carried on a small-scale and that is necessary where one satisfies local demand. Generally, in firms where there is large-scale production, standardization of commodities is the rule. There, they cannot satisfy individual tastes. But an individual shoe-maker can make a pair of shoes according to the special requirements of his customers. Here are some skills and characteristics that are hallmarks of really good entrepreneur business people. You can score yourself on each by using a 1 to 5 scale where 1 means you rarely do this and 5 means you almost always do this. Ability to take advantage of pioneer’s limited resource – If the pioneer has limited resources for production facilities or marketing programmes, or fails to commit sufficient resources to its new entry, followers willing and able to outspend the pioneer experience few enduring constraints.

entrepreneurial leadership of students. According to Ilesanmi, (2000: 187) successful entrepreneurs are successful leaders; they have power and motivate the entrepreneurial venture. The ability to produce the necessary leadership is the key determinant of achievement in all-human activities, the quality of leadership is therefore a decisive strength or weakness of any successful entrepreneurial endeavour. Nonprofit business plan vs. for-Profit Organizations, The Leadership Quarterly, 21(1), 144-158. There is no doubt that government of the world have put great efforts in promoting entrepreneurship development, business success and economic development through provision of financial resources directly or otherwise through various agencies and under different terms and conditions, this fact prompt one to ask a question of high concern.