June 4, 2023

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Sometimes life can throw you some curve balls. The money from the insurance might also...

Sometimes life can throw you some curve balls. The money from the insurance might also be incurred for the cost of and training of an efficient replacement who would be able to carry on with the responsibilities of the deceased key person. The people skills and employee relations skills I learned early in my career were a huge asset to me later as I transitioned out of food service management and became successful in a sales position, then business plan as a sales manager, and finally as the general manager of a large operation. Being able to work well with people, understand people, motivate people, and manage people is such a huge part of being a successful business owner and a successful entrepreneur that I advise individuals going into business that if they don’t possess those skills, hire someone who does and learn from them. The business will be much better off for you doing so.

Success has different definition. What is the definition we are going to define when we see success from our eyes. The success must be seen from the eyes of the entrepreneurs and not from what we think. This is very important how he has defined his own success. Is a service where you have more than likely seen ads for foreclosure cleaning, clean out, clear out, painting repairs, REO Cleanup, Real Estate, cleanup, cleaning companies mentioned on 60 minutes and USA Today that will get you started with how to get into this type of work and the insurance and licensing required to clean bank owned homes. A leader is a perpetual learner. They are focused on self-development and personal growth. This discipline of continual learning will speak volumes to those within your organization. It shows that you understand that you don’t know it all. In order for your business to keep up with your market and competition, you must keep up with the changes. Leaders are readers. Commit to learning. We must learn about our competition, the up coming trends and fads, as well as the many changes that are occurring within the economy.