February 25, 2021

Documenting Partnerships In Your Business Plan

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Many people dream of owning their own business some day. Thanks for your comment and...

Many people dream of owning their own business some day. Thanks for your comment and being honest and passionate yourself. I would see no point in getting married again if I divorced from my first husband. I wasn’t sold on marriage anyway to begin with. And yes it was when I decided I would like kids that I thought marriage would be a good idea. My daughter, now 5, loves to look at photos of our wedding (it was a very inexpensive informal one) and think it’s very special that we are maried when so many of her friends parents are not- I believe it is a sacred institution and my husband and I try and protect it. The issues arise many times because his ex wife has a mental illness. I would hope my daughter doesn’t have anything to “see through”. I truly love my husband and him, me. Our life is mostly drama free except the one time a year when his ex starts things- not sure why, but it’s like clockwork. I think some don’t like seeing some happy. Marriage wasnt about a license more than a promise and my husband, being ex military loves institutions of honor, such as the military and marriage. It meant so much to him that I bent my attitude about marriage in favor of him.

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