March 26, 2023

DS Duke

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If you want to be an entrepreneur, who better to study than Michael Dell? Christianity has the largest following among world religions, with more than. 1.8 billion peoplee9. While there are many significant groups within Christianity the major ones are Catholicism and Protestantism. A prominent difference between the two of them is the attitude toward making money. While Catholicism has questioned it the protestant ethic has business plan emphasized the importance of work and the accumulation of wealth for the glory of God. At the same time frugality is stressed and the residual accumulation of wealth from hard work formed the basis for investment. It has been proposed that this is the basis for the development of capitalism in the Western world, and the rise of predominantly Protestant countries into the world economic leadership in the 20th century10.

Digital Marketing is good for your business because it propels your business to a much larger audience, which with time translates into leads and sales. Also, the return on investment with digital marketing huge. Simply put, it pays huge dividends for every penny spent on marketing your business through digital marketing. The ultimate objective of a mass market penetration strategy is to capture and maintain a commanding share of the total market for the new product. Thus, the critical marketing task is to convince as many potential customers as possible to adopt the pioneer’s product quickly to drive down unit costs and build a large contingent of loyal customers before competitors enter the market. Market as if there were no borders. Due to the proliferation of digital platforms, brands cannot always adopt different strategies per country. In a way, due to the internet, companies have to adopt a marketing approach that is more or less unified.