March 29, 2023

DS Duke

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Business Insurance Life Part VIII

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Providing your employees with a good health care plan can be beneficial for both the employees and the business. 6. Financial Management Competence: Every business enterprise requires capital with which to start and continue with its operations. Capital here means two things; money (finance) needed to start and operate the business and assets representing the resources provided by owners (equity) and creditors of the business (liabilities). Engagement is important when you conduct business no matter what you do. You love to hear what a customer think, but do you wonder love it or not? This is where engagement comes in to solve the problem. You must engage with your audience by listening, and reading what they say to you about your brand. A simple post from you about your business on Facebook is engagement. You replying to each comment is engagement. Sometimes it is hurtful but take the criticism, and turn it into better. Engagement takes a lot of patience creativity, consistency, and a great effort. On a team it needs a unified effort but the same thing.

To address some of the points made here in the comment section, a person does have a “right” to start a second family. For example a woman is being abused but moves onto a better husband and has children with him as well. There ARE deal breakers that end marriages. My husband’s first marriage was with a bipolar woman- he didn’t know this when he married her and it only got worse as it usually does. She cheated on him, business plan left him with their only child. When she had additional issues, with herself and the child, she contacted us to smooth things over. Of course that’s a big problem- men usually have less say in their kids lives and the women control that area so men are left to float in the wind and pick up pieces. While he may have created a child, he may not have controlled the way the child was raised which is a huge factor.