March 26, 2023

DS Duke

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Business Grants To Work At Home

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While it’s true that some of the largest haulage enterprises started from very humble beginnings, the one thing virtually all successful ventures share is a strategic, well thought out business plan. This product driven economic concept is contrary to how our economy has been functioning for almost the past two decades. From the time of the internet revolution in the 1990’s to the most recent housing crisis of the mid 2000’s (both bubbles), America’s economy has been based on the artificial inflation of the dollar by speculative investing. business plan Almost half of all recent profits in corporate America came from the financial services industry, which operates on money trading business models and do not really produce any beneficial tangible products which can be physically exported. There are of course many arguments to the contrary, in support of Wall Street, however for the most part; our overall economy in recent years has been undeniably operating on pure speculation by automated day trading systems (i.e. betting on the financial markets in hopes of a profit).